Meet the Team

We are a Husband & Wife team – designing, printing and selling t-shirts on the Central Coast of CA.

Liz Steele

Creative Thinker
Graphic & Development Department

Liz has been drawing and painting her entire life, and took that spark of creativity into digital design and more. Starting her career as a graphic designer and web developer over 10 years ago, she takes her ideas and turns them into beautiful designs for clothing, websites and much more.

Ryan East

Makes it Happen
Sales, Marketing & Manufacturing

Always being a “People Person”, Ryan is the go-to guy at Funkit Apparel. With a vision to create a comfortable and unique clothing line for the casual lifestyle, he started the company and runs all facets from creating the shirts to working with you for all your T-Shirt needs!

Chips – The Dog

Happiness Generator

In Charge of Break Times and Energy Boosting

Chips has the hardest job on the team – he is responsible for keeping everyone’s morale in check and keeping the peace on a daily basis. He makes the job look easy though – as the other team members look forward to his activities including play time, lots of exercise (hiking, walking, running, going to the park), and lots of laughing. He provides inspiration for designs from time to time as well. ♥


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